About NHW Tasmania

Our Objectives

  • Minimise the incidence of preventable crime.
  • Deter criminal activity by increasing the probability of apprehension.
  • Reduce the fear of crime.
  • Increase the reporting of crime and suspicious behaviour.
  • Improve the degree of personal and household security through education.
  • Expand the program’s involvement in wider community safety and crime prevention initiatives.

Our Board

The Neighbourhood Watch Board provides policy direction for Neighbourhood Watch and its programs, and initiates community awareness campaigns to promote future development.

Neighbourhood Watch Board. Appointed 21 November 2020

peter edwards

Our President is Peter Edwards BM APM, a former Commander in the Tasmania Police Service.  He holds a Master’s degree in Public Sector Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Police Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Management.  Peter is also a Director of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia, the peak body for member Neighbourhood Watch groups in Australia and Neighbourhood Support in New Zealand.

Our Vice President and Public Officer is Frank Pearce, a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Frank has extensive experience serving on Boards and at senior levels in local government, both in Tasmania and interstate.  He is a former General Manager of the Glenorchy City Council and he is currently an elected member of the Derwent Valley Council.

kate dobson

Our Secretary is Kate Dobson, a former school teacher who also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management.  Kate has extensive experience in emergency management in Tasmania and is currently the Tasmanian Education Department Principal Advisor for Emergency Preparedness, Response and Security. 

christine fraser

Our Treasurer is Christine Fraser who is a Certified Practising Accountant with a Bachelor of Business Studies degree in Accounting. Christine has previously worked as an Internal Auditor; an Assistant Accountant; and a Business Support Assistant. Since 2015 Christine was the Executive Officer for the Tasmania Police, Operations Support Command. Christine is now a Finance Officer with the Sorell Council.

ranald moore

Director Ranald Moore has substantial corporate experience as a project manager, consultant CEO and Managing Director. He has run large scale international projects in Australia and south east Asia. A published author and former CEO of the Wool Institute of Australia, Ranald was the Secretary of the 2019 Organising Committee for the World Fly Fishing Championship in Tasmania.

marita osborn

Constable Marita Osborn is the Tasmania Police Liaison Officer to the State Board of Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania.  Marita has been a serving police officer with broad operational experience for over 30 years.  She is the State Coordinator for Community Policing Services and the Secretary of the world-renowned Tasmania Police Pipe Band.  

Keeping residents informed
Providing information of the incidence of crime in their area on a regular basis through newsletters and advising how to effectively identify suspicious people and activity and report same.
Increasing awareness and knowledge
Informing residents of practical personal and household security enables them to best secure their homes and increase personal safety for themselves and their families.
Signposting areas
Displaying Neighbourhood Watch signs and material operates as a visible deterrent to criminal activity by identifying a particular area as having active Neighbourhood Watch participants.
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