Community Safety & Harmony

Get involved – it takes a wide range of people with various skills, working together to build Neighbourhood Watch, promote its philosophy and achieve safety and harmony in the community.

Everyone is encouraged to join a local group but there is a lot they can do as individual participants.

By simply getting to know their neighbours, looking out for each other and reporting suspicious activity to police, individuals can make a difference.

Get involved


Neighbours generally know what is normal in their neighbourhood and what is out of the ordinary. Neighbourhood Watch does not want you to spy on your neighbour.  We want you to be concerned for the safety of your neighbourhood. Spend time out in your community and become familiar with your local environment


Communication is the key – knowing who your neighbours are and acknowledging them.  Waving and saying hello can deter an outsider. Also acknowledge people you don’t know.  Thus letting potential intruders know that they have been seen and potentially reducing the opportunity for crime to occur.


Report suspicious activity to Police. Police can not respond to community problems if they are not made aware of them.  If your instinct is telling you something doesn’t feel right – it probably isn’t. Reporting an actual crime is also encouraged either in person at your local Police Station or online.


Knowledge is a powerful positive tool and helps prevent crime. Sharing information with Police and your neighbours helps build awareness and connects a neighbourhood. Crime prevention is everyone’s business and everyone has the potential to be a key in building a safer neighbourhood.