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2021 – The Year in Review

Goodbye to our second COVID year in which we moved on from the 2020 mantra of at least Do One Thing (DOT) to Do Something! This snapshot suggests we didn’t do too bad at all. See what you think.

35 Year Anniversary
We celebrated our 35-year partnership with Tasmania Police. Events were held in each police district, and we moved our AGM to the Launceston Country Club. A new Honours & Awards policy was endorsed, and an Awards Ceremony with morning tea followed the AGM. Awards presented were:

  • Seven Life Memberships
  • Two President’s Certificate of Commendation
  • One Certificate of Appreciation

A new Life Member Lapel Pin was struck especially for the occasion.

Cuppa With a Cop (CWAC)

11 CWACs were held throughout the year in the following locations:

  • Neighbourhood House – Risdon Vale
  • Grace Church – Oakdowns
  • Banjos – Shoreline
  • ABC Complex – Hobart
  • Bunnings – Mornington
  • Bunnings Glenorchy
  • Banjos – New Norfolk
  • Shadows Café – Latrobe
  • Full A Beans Café – Prospect Vale
  • Ingleside Bakery Café – Evandale
  • Worth it Fresh – Howrah Gardens


Knight Frank have offered to assist future CWACs conducted in their shopping centres.

Tipalea Partners have offered to fund resources for NHWT groups, particularly in their development locations at Glebe Hill and Stony Rise.

New Watches

Five new Watch Groups started in Tasmania:
1. Howrah Gardens & Glebe Hill
2. Old Beach
3. Montrose & Rosetta
4. South Hobart
5. New Town

Get Online Week (GOLW)

Eight Watches chose to each receive a $700 grant to facilitate their GOLW activities:
1. Blackstone Heights
2. Cam/Somerset
3. New Norfolk
4. West Hobart
5. Howrah Gardens
6. Riverside
7. South Launceston Community Development
8. State Board

International Conference

Five of our members attended the NHWA International Conference at on the Gold Coast in May 2021.

Neighbourhood Watch Week

Again, we partnered with Bunnings Crime Prevention Week and delivered the following events:

  • Bunnings Devonport – Raffle conducted by NHW Latrobe
  • Bunnings Kings Meadows – Raffle conducted by NHW Blackstone Heights
  • Bunnings Glenorchy
    – Raffle conducted by NHW Montrose & Rosetta
    – Barbecue conducted by NHW Old Beach and Tasmania Fire Service volunteers.
    – Supported traditional Tradies Barbecue Breakfast
    – CWAC
  •  Bunnings Mornington
    – Raffle conducted by Howrah Gardens/Glebe Hill
    – CWAC
    – Not for Profit Car Park Evening Market with Santa Claus provided by NHWT
    – Trade Night Santa Claus provided again by NHWT.

NHW Calendar and Photographic Competition

Hobart Photographic Society participated in a photo competition and 3,500 calendars were published and distributed across the state for free in November and December 2021.

National Journal Articles

Seven Tasmanian articles were published in the NHWA national magazine.

NHWT Monthly Bulletins

12 Monthly Bulletins were distributed to members in 2021.


Sarah Lovell and Kelsey Timms were elected as new NHWT Directors, and we bade farewell to Director Ranald Moore who has moved to the mainland.

Website & Social Media Enhancements

Andrew Lockman has continued to improve the quality and presentation of our information and holdings on the NHWT website, including links to partners and our own social media sites. Stephen Bourke has substantially grown our Facebook site with likes and follows to a new level with regular and entertaining posts.

NHWT Office Accommodation

NHWT has now taken up office accommodation within the ABC Complex at 1-7 Liverpool Street, Hobart. This move enhances Board support to all our groups across the state.

Administrative Processes

Although in the background, our policies, administrative processes, guidance documents and records management systems continue to be established and refined.

Crime Stoppers

We are building on our relationship with Crime Stoppers through regular meetings with their staff in Hobart to share information on our respective initiatives and support each other’s events.

In December Crime Stoppers introduced a Shop Safe Campaign in Launceston designed to encourage shoppers to call out anti-social behaviour, shop stealing and abuse of retail staff by reporting what they see to Crime Stoppers anonymously. For further information see:

Road Safety

Tasmania Police are conducting Operation Safe Arrival over this holiday season. Police are concerned that with our borders opened there are more tourists travelling around Tasmania which means even more cars, bikes, caravans, boats, and trailers on our roads. The message is:

  • Follow the speed limit – over is over!
  • Pay attention – leave your phone alone!
  • Take a break if you’re tired – only sleep cures fatigue!
  • Always wear your seat belt or helmet – you know why!
  • Don’t drive if you’ve taken drugs or been drinking – take a bus, taxi or uber!


We still have 100 of the 2022 calendars available for anyone that hasn’t got one yet – or would like some more. Please send an email and we will arrange delivery.

Key Dates for 2022

6 March Clean Up Australia Day
27 March Neighbour Day
8 June Thank a First Responder Day
8 September RUOK Day
5 October International Coffee with a Cop Day
19 November NHWT AGM and Awards Ceremony

Initiatives for Groups to Consider

Each year we name five initiatives to help your thinking of what you could do for your neighbourhood. Feel free to contact me at any time if you would like further ideas or support to put a project together.

  • Motor Vehicle Empty Stickers
  • No Cash Kept on Premises Stickers
  • House Numbering
  • Crime Reports
  • Newsletters

New State Coordinator for Community Policing Services

Senior Constable Scott Hardman is the Tasmania Police Liaison Officer to the State Board of Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania. Scott joined the Tasmania Police in 2016 after previously serving in both the NSW Police Force and the Australian Federal Police. Scott has a total of 25 years of operational experience in a variety of environments, including police deployments to the Pacific, Africa and the Mediterranean. Scott is also the State Coordinator for Community Policing Services.

And In Conclusion

  • 2022 will be a better year if you do something for your community
  • We are here to help you help your neighbourhood.
  • Even if only a few individuals try…they will have a positive influence on their community. The Dali Lama
  • Encourage all your members and friends to join NHWT online here as this is how you register as a member – and there is no cost.
peter edwards

Yours in Neighbourhood Watch

Peter Edwards, President

Good Neighbours Create Safer Communities

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