February 2022 Bulletin

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Donation From Tipalea Partners

Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania (NHWT) would like to publicly thank Tipalea Partners for their generous donation of $3,000 towards the purchase of new NHW resources. Tipalea Partners are the firm constructing the new Glebe Hill Village shopping centre which will open in August 22 in the heart of our Howrah Gardens/Glebe Hill NHW Area in Clarence Plains.

glebe hill aerial

Businesses are very much a part of our neighbourhoods and NHWT is always keen to partner and support them as fellow residents who want to enhance the safety and wellbeing of their community. These funds will be used to purchase safety vests for our volunteers, NHW gift bags for promotional events and stickers for cars and vehicles. Thank you, Tipalea Partners and Glebe Hill Village.

March is Neighbourhood Watch Month (NHM)

It’s Neighbourhood Watch Month when we urge you to consider your home security and getting involved with your local Neighbourhood Watch group, either in person or online. NHM is a new initiative from our national body in partnership with CrimSafe to help make out communities safer.

If you want a five minute check of how safe your home is, get a Secure Score today, just click here: Secure Score – Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (nhwa.com.au) and see how you rate – and what you can do to improve your security

secure score promo

Snap, Send, Solve (First you see it – then you don’t!)

Talking about do something in 2022 – here’s an idea. Many times, we have seen the abandoned car on the street; traffic signs damaged or obscured; dangerous parking; dumped rubbish etc and said …I should report that! But haven’t followed up.

A recent conversation with Peter from Montrose/Rosetta NHW encouraged me to download for free the Snap, Send, Solve App. See a problem, use the camera on the app. The photos and exact location are sent to the responsible authority to action. I tried it and it worked like a dream.

A mattress had been dumped outside my local swimming pool. An eyesore and a problem that was only going to get worse. Over the course of two weeks, amazingly, it never moved! Then I remembered the Snap, Send, Solve App. I opened the app and took photos, provided my name, email and phone number and pressed send. Within 48 hours the mattress had gone!!

mattress and car

A big thank you to the Clarence City Council for their prompt response to the report. Snap, Send, Solve worked for me and I was so impressed with how simple it was that I wanted to share this unpaid and unsolicited testimonial with as many community-minded people who want to do something. Easy as!!

Recognition of NHWT Service

The next NHWT Annual General Meeting and Awards Ceremony will be at the Country Club in Launceston on Saturday, 19 November 22. This was a most enjoyable event last year and we want to do even better this year. Our members can only be rewarded for their service if they are nominated for an award before 30 June 22. Please don’t put it off. The Board won’t know all the good work that your individual members have done over the years to promote NHW and add to the wellbeing of their neighbourhoods. But you do.

Further information can be found at https://nhwtas.org.au/about/. The important thing is that there is no official form to complete. An email to admin@nhwtas.org.au with information about the person you are nominating and the reasons why will be sufficient to get the ball rolling. Maybe this can be your do something for 2022?

No Illegal Guns in Australia

Crime Stoppers Tasmania (CST) is putting its support behind a national effort to reduce the number of illegal firearms in the community by asking people to share what they know about illegal guns and safely surrender any they may have, without penalty.

no illegal guns promo

Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania joins with CST to share their message:

  • An illegal gun is a dangerous gun
  • Say something before it is too late
  • Because no illegal guns in our community is our aim
  • We will keep your information safe and confidential.

This campaign runs through until the end of April. CST have call cards and pull-up banners that you could use at any NHW event during this time. Contact admin@nhwtas.org.au to arrange delivery.

Further information can be found at Illegal Guns – Crime Stoppers Australia and if you want to surrender a firearm, go to Firearm Amnesty – Find a surrender point – Crime Stoppers Australia

Neighbour Day

Neighbour Day, an initiative of Relationships Australia, shares many of the objectives of Neighbourhood Watch. It has been going for 20 years and is always the last Sunday in March, but at NHWT we say Every Day is Neighbour Day. If you visit their Neighbour Day website there are lots of resources and ideas that you can use for any NHW event you might like to host.

If you just want to improve your own personal contribution to your neighbourhood here are five things to get you started and they are super easy and free!!

  • Start with a smile
  • The initial chat
  • Follow up
  • Kind gestures
  • Host your event

You can find an expanded list at ND-CreativeConnections-Individuals-v1.pdf (neighbourday.org).

Community Notice Board

Are you pregnant?
Help us study what affects YOUR health and wellbeing during and after pregnancy
Felicity Veal, a Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice at the University of Tasmania, is currently running a study to assess the wellbeing of women during pregnancy and for 12 months after birth. The study wants to recruit pregnant women to confidentially participate in online surveys.
Members are invited to share this request with any potential participants. Further information on how to participate can be found at The Maternal Experience Study (utas.edu.au).

Healthy, Engaged and Resilient Consultation on Active Ageing
Bridgid Wilkinson from the Council on the Ageing (COTA) Tasmania has asked that we promote their current community consultation about experiences of ageing. In particular they are researching how communities feel about the supports and challenges they experience as they age in Tasmania.

cota flyer

Join in an online community discussion

As well as face to face and survey options, COTA will also be holding some online conversation sessions between March and June to ensure people are able to offer their views in a way that they feel safe and making it more accessible.

Dates are listed below, please contact Brigid to receive a link for the session (brigidw@cotatas.org.au)

  • Monday 7th March 12pm
  • Tuesday 5th April 8pm
  • Wednesday 11th May 9.30am
  • Friday 10th June 4pm
peter edwards

Yours in Neighbourhood Watch

Peter Edwards, President

Good Neighbours Create Safer Communities

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