Using technology to communicate, engage and shop is a fact of life. It is unfortunate that criminals use these modern communication methods to impersonate legitimate organisations on a daily basis. Even if we have high level security on our devices we can still be targeted with messages that look and feel like the real thing.

We regularly share information about current scams – but there are so many of them that we will only scratch the surface. In fact, Microsoft report, … there are over 300 million fraudulent attempts to sign into our cloud services every day. Here at NHW, our strategy is to keep reminding our readers of the risks, and to be particularly discerning when receiving unsolicited messages.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has reported that it is aware of several accounts on social media impersonating the ATO corporate account, senior executive staff and ATO officers. These fake accounts pretend to offer support and then ask you to direct message them so they can help you, but they are actually trying to steal your personal information.

The ATO advise that if you are approached by an impersonation account, do not engage but take a screenshot and email the information to Then block the account through the social media platform’s reporting function. Visit to find out more. 

ato scan alert example
ato scam alert

CWAC at Glenorchy Central

Our first, Knight Frank sponsored, Cuppa with a Cop (CWAC) for 2023 was held at the Central Café, Glenorchy Central Shopping Centre, on Wednesday, 1 February 23. This was a particularly successful event to launch this Neighbourhood Watch flagship activity for the new year. The gathering was used to great effect to promote the Greater Glenorchy Watch and distribute crime prevention and promotional materials. A vote of thanks goes to Inspector John Ward and the officers from the Glenorchy Division; and a special mention for Attorney General, Elise Archer and the Elwick Member of the Legislative Council, Josh Willie for their personal support on the day.

free cuppa with a cop
central group cwac group

Get Online Week

Ten Neighbourhood Watch Groups participated in Get Online Week in 2022 by accessing small grants managed by the Good Things Foundation. We have just received news that Get Online Week will be held again between 16 to 22 October 23. Grant applications will open on 3 July 23 to fund community organisations hosting digital skills events. We will keep you informed in future bulletins about how to access these. These events tick all the boxes for NHW, they improve knowledge and confidence about being online, whilst reinforcing how to do things safely. Perhaps just as importantly, the events are another opportunity for community members to engage socially in a safe and non-threatening environment. Always with quality prizes and refreshments. What’s not to like?!

Please keep in mind that there are opportunities available now for interested members to train to become a digital mentor. You don’t have to be a guru and the training facilitated by Neighbourhood Watch Australasia online is simple and easy to follow. You can get more information about becoming a digital mentor through the link that follows. Don’t be afraid to have a go, it will be good for you; good for your family, friends and neighbours; and also good for NHWA. Win/Win/Win!

Welcome Sorell Neighbourhood Watch

We are always excited when new groups start up in towns and suburbs across the state. January 2023 saw the official start of a new NHW for Sorell, which is nicely positioned between existing groups in Southern Beaches and Midway Point. Sarah Pienig has accepted the initial challenge of coordinating this group through Facebook. However, the more Sarah promotes NHW and engages with community members the more she is finding that interest and potential volunteers are coming from many different angles. Sarah is already exploring environmentally friendly promotional materials and is hosting a community meeting for 4.30pm on Tuesday, 21 February 23. Check it out on Facebook.

Sarah had her first meeting with Inspector Gavin Hallett and Sergeant Lee Taylor recently in Sorell to discuss her new role with NHW and planning for a CWAC in April at the Sorell Plaza.

sarah, gavin and leigh

Australia Day Awards

Neighbourhood Watch is very pleased to join with Tasmania Police to congratulate the following members for receiving Order of Australia Awards on Australia Day 2023.

australia day 2023 award winners

Key Dates for 2023

7 February Safer Internet Day
14 February Pal-entine’s Day (If Valentine’s Day is not for you – do something with a friend).
15 February 11am CWAC at Shoreline Plaza
1-31 March Neighbourhood Watch Month. The Month of Home Security.
5 March Clean Up Australia Day.
8 March 11am CWAC with Bush Watch at Burnie Plaza
26 March Neighbour Day.
19 April CWAC at Sorell Plaza (TBC next Bulletin)
7 June Thank a First Responder Day.
14 September RUOK Day.
4 October International Coffee with a Cop Day.
6-12 November Neighbourhood Watch Week.

And in Conclusion

We still have a few 2023 Calendars available. Contact me at, or your local Coordinator, if you would like a few more.

Join NHWT online – it’s free!

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it!”  George Moore.

peter edwards

Yours in Neighbourhood Watch
Peter Edwards, President
Good Neighbours Create Safer Communities

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