Knight Frank and the Region Group supporting 2023 CWAC’s

Neighbourhood Watch is very pleased to announce that Knight Frank, who manage many shopping centres across Tasmania on behalf of The Region Group, will be sponsoring Cuppa with a Cop (CWAC) events in 2023. CWACs are home-grown opportunities for community members to connect with their local Tasmania Police officers in a simple social setting over a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Knight Frank trialed this event in 2022 and as a result gained the support of The Region Group to promote good community/police relationships in their centres, one cup at a time. NHW members are encouraged to come along to the first three CWACs in 2023, as scheduled:
• 11am on Wednesday, 1 February 23, at the Central Café, Glenorchy Central.
• 11am on Wednesday, 15 February 23, at Banjos in the Shoreline Plaza, Howrah.
• 11am on Wednesday, 8 March 23 with Bush Watch, at Burnie Plaza.

Snaps below from the 2022 CWAC at Full a Beans in the Prospect Vale Market Place.

From Relationships Australia

Research shows us that when people connect with their communities, they have a greater sense of belonging, which leads to improved mental well-being and a reduction in loneliness. It also contributes to strength and resilience in the face of external pressures.

NHW Comment: Although we don’t need more proof, this research once again reinforces that being neighbourly is good for us! And it need not cost anything. Directly and indirectly, neighbourhood connections build pride and help to reduce crime, other offending, and anti-social behaviour.

Crime Stoppers Launch

On 14 December 22 Crime Stoppers launched their new online portal for members of the public to report information about crime and criminals. As always, reports to Crime Stoppers guarantee the confidentiality of the person reporting. However, the benefit of this new portal is that media files, such as videos or photos captured on smartphones can now be easily attached to a Crime Stoppers report to go to the police.

The Crime Stoppers phone number of 1800 333 000 remains unchanged. The online portal is accessed through the Crime Stoppers link whenever you want to provide information (a tip) at –

Whenever you make a Crime Stoppers tip you are asked; What prompted you to make this tip? Neighbourhood Watch is now an option our members should always tick.

Otago Signs

Congratulations to our latest addition to the NHW family at Otago on the banks of the Derwent River – next door to Old Beach. New Neighbourhood Watch signs have recently been strategically placed with the assistance of the Clarence City Council. This sign obviously has the approval of the local wildlife, as well as our Coordinator Heidi, and Snickers! Special thanks to Rumney MLC, Sarah Lovell, for helping to register Otago as a NHW organisational member.

Welcome Commissioner Adams

On 25 November 22, in one of her first public speeches as the new Commissioner for Tasmania Police, Donna Adams introduced the Honourable Felix Ellis MP, as the Reviewing Officer for the graduation of new officers at the Police Academy. When referring to her vision as the 15th Commissioner, Donna placed significant emphasis on her intention to work closely with the community to identify and address local issues of concern…and …enhance our relationships with the community by going back to basic principles of policing.

Neighbourhood Watch is an established volunteer network that welcomes the opportunity to provide community input and support to Tasmania Police in keeping Tasmanians safe.

NHW and Bunnings Crime Prevention Week (The Week)

During Neighbourhood Watch Week we received great support from a number of the Bunnings Warehouses across the state with raffle prizes, space for information stands and of course, the famous Bunnings Barbecues. Here are some photos of our volunteers in action!

Our volunteers from the Clarence Plains Cluster making a profit from our Bunnings Raffle.
Our volunteers at Mornington eating the profits from the Bunnings Barbecue!!

2023 Award Nominations

Neighbourhood Watch in Tasmania is awash with people who have selflessly given significant service to their communities, as members of our organization, and often with other community services as well. We want those members to be properly recognised for their contributions through our annual Awards Nominations process. This can only happen if someone nominates a member they know is deserving. Please take the time to put their names forward through an email to Nominations close on 30 June 23 – but don’t put it off – get in early and your job is done! If you are not sure – phone me!

Crime Prevention

Nationally, seven out of every ten cars stolen are with their keys. A recent quote from Detective Inspector Tony Fox confirms the same risk exists in our state:
We’re seeing a trend of cars being stolen after keys have been taken from residences, either because they’ve been visible through a window and a criminal has broken in, or sometimes simply walked through the front door!

If they don’t steal your car, the contents are always attractive, and the following advice was broadcast after a spate of offences in Kingston.

  • Avoid parking on the street for long periods of time, especially overnight.
  • Remove all valuable items from your car
  • Secure vehicles with an alarm, steering lock or immobiliser if possible
  • Always keep car doors and windows locked
  • Take tools inside overnight, even if the vehicle has a lockable canopy or toolbox
  • Park in a well-lit area if parking on the street overnight; and
  • Ensure car keys are kept out of sight.

The advice is repetitive – but taking these precautions reduces your risk of being a victim.


We still have one hundred 2023 Neighbourhood Watch Calendars to give away. If you would like some, please contact me at

Key Dates for 2023

1 February 11am CWAC at Glenorchy Central
7 February Safer Internet Day
14 February Pal-entine’s Day (If Valentine’s Day is not for you – do something with a friend).
15 February 11am CWAC at Shoreline Plaza
1-31 March Neighbourhood Watch Month. The Month of Home Security.
5 March Clean Up Australia Day.
8 March 11am CWAC with Bush Watch at Burnie Plaza
26 March Neighbour Day.
7 June Thank a First Responder Day.
14 September RUOK Day.
4 October International Coffee with a Cop Day.
6-12 November Neighbourhood Watch Week.

And in Conclusion

We still have a few 2023 Calendars available. Contact me at, or your local Coordinator, if you would like a few more.

Join NHWT online – it’s free!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has! “- Margaret Mead

peter edwards

Yours in Neighbourhood Watch
Peter Edwards, President
Good Neighbours Create Safer Communities

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