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Road Safety

Recent serious and fatal crashes on our roads concern police who have pleaded with drivers to protect themselves and other road users. On Wednesday, 28 July 21, Tasmania Police conducted a Road Safety Day of Action, and the results are provided below as a sobering reminder of the need for us to focus when we are behind the wheel. 312 people speeding represents 312 times that a driver put themselves and others at high risk of serious injury or death.


Speeding Offences

Seatbelt Offences

Inattentive Driving Offences

Mobile Phone Offences

Random Breath Test Conducted

Drink/Drive Driving Offences

Disqualified/Suspended/Unlicensed Drivers

Evade Offences

Unregistered Motor Vehicles

Defects & Other Traffic Offences


































offences list

Speed is a major factor in serious and fatal crashes on our roads. The Fatal Five contributors to crashes and road fatalities are:

  1. Speeding – exceeding the posted speed limit or excessive in the circumstances
  2. Inattention – particularly includes using mobile phones when driving.
  3. Fatigue – rest is the only cure
  4. Not wearing seatbelts and authorised restraints
  5. Driving after drinking or taking drugs.


Each Bulletin we try to provide some analysis of how the state is going in relation to crime trends over a period of time. This month we give a snapshot of how statistics for particular crimes have changed over the three-year period from April 2019 to April 2021.


Total Offences

Robbery Offences

Total Property Offences

Home Burglary Offences

Property Damage Offences

Car Burglary Offences

Stolen Motor Vehicles

Business Burglary Offences




























offences 2019-2021

There has been a downward trend across all crimes listed – except for Property Damage Offences. The COVID-19 affect cannot be discounted as influencing the positives in the scoresheet. With more people at home, we expected home burglaries would drop. An active Neighbourhood Watch can help target harden against all these crimes and increase the safety and security of their neighbourhoods.

Crime Stoppers

Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania (NHWT) and Crime Stoppers Tasmania (CST) have a close working relationship with each other. We are both independent, not-for-profit organisations, and are key partners with Tasmania Police. People often ask, what is the difference between us? In simple terms, NHWT is about uniting the community to help the police prevent crime from happening. CST is an effective mechanism for the community to help police solve crimes by providing information anonymously either by telephone 1800 333 000 or online at crimestopperstas.com.au.

If people want the police to know something, but don’t want to identify themselves as the source, contacting Crime Stoppers guarantees that the police get the information without knowing the identity of the person providing it. At the state level, we meet regularly to support each other and keep abreast of projects and activities to share across our community networks.

Welcome to Neighbourhood Watch Old Beach!

Old Beach is our newest Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Group on the eastern shore of the Derwent River in the Brighton Local Government area. This group is determined to hit the ground running and have seized the opportunity to hold a Bunnings Barbecue at Glenorchy during Neighbourhood Watch Week on Saturday, 13 November 21. Welcome to the Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania family!

bunnings group

Neighbourhood Watch Week/Bunnings Crime Prevention Week.

Once again Bunnings have offered to combine their Crime Prevention Week with Neighbourhood Watch Week across Australia from 8 – 14 November 21.  There are seven Bunnings Warehouses in Tasmania, and they are only too keen to help Neighbourhood Watch groups fund raise and promote our brand and purpose.  In particular, Bunnings will help us hold a barbecue, raffle, or Cuppa with a Cop in their café.  But these events will only happen if members and Watches want to organise them.

Please remember that Neighbourhood Watch improves the wellbeing of its communities when the members do something.  Can you be the person to take the lead on one of these events?  Just contact me and you will be supported on the journey.  Please also keep in mind that there are many other people in our communities who may not be members but are willing to help out at one-off events such as these – they just have to be asked.  Likewise, there are other service organisations that have experience and will be happy to partner with a NHW group and share the profits. 

Honours & Awards

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest community-led crime prevention movement in the world.  Tasmania is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year and this has been a stimulus for us to refine our Honours and Awards to recognise the significant achievements of our members.  The policy is available here https://nhwtas.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Honours-and-Awards-Policy.pdf

Nominations for Awards this year have now closed and the intended recipients will be announced in September.  An Awards Ceremony will be held in Launceston on Saturday, 20 November 21, in conjunction with our Annual General Meeting.  Please mark this date on your calendar so that we can make this a successful, social, and memorable occasion to recognise our champions. 

Get Online Week 18 – 24 October 21

Each year the Good Things Foundation host Get Online Week to promote digital inclusion and inspire people (particularly those over 50) to learn and to do more on line.  Importantly, grants of $1000 are made available to fund either online, or COVID safe, face-to-face digital skills events during Get Online Week.  Events are not difficult to organise and can be a great social, as well as learning, experience.  Obtain further information at https://aus.getonlineweek.com/grants but be quick because grant applications close on 6 August 21.

Cuppa With a Cop at Shoreline Plaza

A very successful CWAC was held at Banjos Bakery, in the Shoreline Plaza, Howrah on Wednesday, 21 July 21.  As you can see by the photo below, the event was well patronised by Tasmania Police, many elected representatives, NHWT members and any member of the public who wanted to stop and chat.

cuppa with a cop shoreline plaza

Cuppa with a Cop (CWAC)

CWACs have become an invaluable forum for NHWT groups to promote our brand, engage with community members and in some small way, acknowledge the contribution of our local police officers. If you are thinking of organising a CWAC please let me know at the earliest opportunity so that we can consult with Tasmania Police. Police will not always be available on short notice or at the times or dates that we might like. Always allow at least six weeks lead time and read the article, How to Organise a Cuppa with a Cop at https://nhwtas.org.au/april-2021-bulletin#cwac.

A Conference Initiative

A presentation by John Goldsworthy at the International Conference was an overview of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). The CPTED concept is that proper design and effective use of the built environment can reduce the fear and incidence of crime. The idea is that the perceived likelihood of detection and apprehension is a significant deterrent to crime. There are experts who advise planners and developers about crime-minimising designs in their streets and public facilities. However, the principles can be applied by everyone in their own home and gardens with some basic research on the subject.

There are four principles of CPTED:

  1. Natural Surveillance through smart use of windows, lighting and the removal of obstructions can improve sight lines for your home. A neighbourhood awash with Neighbourhood Watch signs can also add to the surveillance perception.
  2. Natural Access Control uses doors, fences, shrubs lighting and landscaping to subtly direct both foot and vehicular traffic in ways that decrease criminal opportunities.
  3. Territorial Enforcement uses well-defined boundaries to indicate where the public space ends and your private property begins. Methods may include signs, artwork and gardens that express private ownership that discourages intruders from entering.
  4. Maintenance and Management is about projecting the individual and neighbourhood sense of pride which is known to discourage vandalism.

The message is that we can all apply basic CPTED principles in the design and maintenance of our gardens and surrounds. But also, taking collective pride in our communities contributes to our safety and wellbeing. You can use the attached resource to undertake your own home security audit

Crime Prevention Tips

Door Knocking. A common way for burglars to check and see whether a house is occupied is by knocking on the door. If someone answers the door a burglar may claim to be looking for someone, a lost pet, directions, or a glass of water etc. If you become aware of any suspicious door knocking in your neighbourhood, contact the police on 131 444.

Key Dates for 2021/22

9 September 21 RUOK Day
6 October 21 International Coffee with a Cop Day
8-14 November 21 Neighbourhood Watch/Bunnings Crime Prevention Week (the Week)
20 November 21 NHWT Awards Presentation and AGM in Launceston
6 March 2022 Clean Up Australia Day
27 March 22 Neighbour Day

And in Conclusion

Tasmanian COVID-19 information is at https://www.coronavirus.tas.gov.au/ and you can always find this link at the very top of the Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania website. You can also find copies of previous Monthly Bulletins and Annual Newsletters.

peter edwards

Yours in Neighbourhood Watch

Peter Edwards, President

Good Neighbours Create Safer Communities

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