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Grant applications are now open for community organisations to host a Get Online Week, digital skills event during the week of 14 – 20 October 24. As in previous years, Lizzie from Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA) can help groups apply for a grant of $700 to fund their event. (The grant is $1,000 if you do it yourself).

If you have a successful format that you have previously used, don’t be afraid to use it again. This is about giving older Australians some confidence in doing simple tasks online – and having a good social experience at the same time.

Contact Lizzie at NHWA on if you want assistance. The cut-off date there is 2 August 24, so don’t delay


Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is about doing something positive for your community. Many local governments have also recently released their new round of grants that community organisations can apply for. The NHW in your area is a community organisation which is entitled and encouraged to apply for a grant.

If you can’t think of something to get you started, here is a short list of NHW initiatives that have worked in other places in the past. Copy or modify one of these ideas to request a grant for your neighbourhood. A more extensive list can be found here.

  • A project to increase NHW signage in streets and on houses and letterboxes to promote your neighbourhood as being one where people care for each other and will report suspicious or unlawful behaviour to the police.
  • A project to put signs in car parks and other higher risk locations to remind drivers to always lock their cars and keep valuables out of sight.
  • A project to register Dogs on Patrol, to encourage dog walkers to note and report things that are out of place in their area as they walk around.
  • A project to provide NHW volunteers with high visibility vests to improve their safety when delivering newsletters, doing working bees or working on information stands.
  • A project to put signs on wheelie bins to warn of children playing or encourage slower speeds in certain streets.
  • A project to help fund improved home security for people who have been the victim of a home burglary.
  • A project to host police engagement events – such as Cuppa with a Cop (CWAC).
  • A project to promote the use of Crime Stoppers as an anonymous way to provide information to the police and to help the police to solve crimes and offences.
  • A project to promote the correct use of numbers to call in an emergency.
  • A project to reduce hooning in our community.
  • A project to promote neighbourliness in our community.
  • A project to promote the use of Snap, Send, Solve in our community.
  • A regular scone time project to improve connectedness in our community.
  • A project to improve house numbering in our communities to ensure services are not delayed in responding to an emergency.
  • A project to strategically place defibrillators within our community.
  • A project to better engage with new members in our neighbourhood – particularly from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.
  • Projects to support other community days, such as Neighbour Day, RUOK Day, Thank a First Responder Day, Clean Up Australia Day…


NHW actively promotes the need for everyone to be conscientious about keeping their homes secure, especially when not at home. We often seek the advice of security specialists and nationally we are supported by Crimsafe. One of our members from Lauderdale, Rob Atkinson, specialises in home security systems and has offered to share his advice about things to consider when choosing a CCTV system.

Rob recently wrote a report for the Lauderdale to Opossum Bay Watch which he is happy to share with other NHW members from across the state. For a copy of this report or other advice, Rob can be contacted as follows: Email: Mobile: 0435058535


11 July 24 10am CWAC at Prospect Vale Market Place.
1-30 September 24 SAFE September.
12 September 24 RUOK Day.
28-29 September 24 National Secure Your Home Day.
14-20 October 24 Get Online Week.
19 October 24 10am AGM, Awards & Prizes at Country Club, Launceston.
28 October – 3 November 24 NHW/Bunnings Crime Prevention Week.
11 November 24 Bunnings BBQ at Mornington


Join NHWT – it’s free!

As you grow older, you will discover you have two hands – one for helping yourself, and one for helping others. Audrey Hepburn.

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Yours in Neighbourhood Watch
Peter Edwards, President
Good Neighbours Create Safer Communities

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