Local Neighbourhood Watch Groups

Find local group, make contact and come along. You’ll be very welcome.


Blackstone Heights

Graham Houghton 0418 430 739
Email: grahhoughton@gmail.com
Meets at Blackstone Christian Centre, 31 Neptune Drive, Blackstone Heights.

Devon Hills

Phill Canning 0407 138 689
Email: phill_canning@bigpond.com

Meets at Devon Hill Fire Station.


Rhonda Mortimer 0419 189 188
Email: evandalenhw@yahoo.com

Meets at Community Centre.

George Town

Wendy Pride 0408 389 686
Email: GTNeighbourhoodwatch@gmail.com

Gravelly Beach

Colin Bailey 03 6394 7703
Email: colin-bailey@bigpond.com


Andrew Spilling 0448 008 736
Email: andrew.spilling@utas.edu.au

Meets at Uniting Church Centre.

Kings Meadows/Youngtown (Southern Launceston Community Development)

Phillip Atkins
Email: phillipatkins@netspace.net.au
Meets at Lions Club Rooms, Marino St.


Paddy (Patricia) Dohnt

Mole Creek

To be advised

Mowbray Heights

Jill Strauss
Email: breely@bigpond.com

Newnham (Mayfield)

Malcolm Cash 03 6263 3571
Email: malann@bigpond.com

Meets at Northern Suburbs Community Centre.

Pipers River

Brian Baxter 03 6382 7171
Email: bbaxter@activ8.net.au
Meets at Pipers River Fire Station.


Sharon Leonard 0477 612 404
Email: Sharon.leonard10@gmail.com
Meets at SPNH 6 Prossers Forest Road, Ravenswood.


Jacqui Green 0407 894 370
Email jacquig33@icloud.com


Bush Watch Westerway and Upper Derwent Valley

Stefan Frazik 0409 881 427
Email: ssfrazik@outlook.com

Dolphin Sands Community Association

Robyn Moore
Email: dsca.7190@gmail.com


Trish Tinkler 0456 162 522
Email: nhwgeeveston@gmail.com

Glebe Residents Association

Ken Hart
Email: kenhart99@gmail.com

Goodwood Community Centre

Rachael French 03 6272 2560
Email: goodwood@bigpond.net.au

Greater Glenorchy

Peter Vogelsanger 0448 156 157
Email: greaterglenorchynhw@gmail.com

Howrah Gardens / Glebe Hill

Stephen & Annette Bourke 0402 744 780
Email: uringa7@iinet.net.au


Wayne Burgess 0408 296 895 or 6229 6895
Email: wayneburgess2@bigpond.com

Meets at the Illawarra Primary School library.

Midway Point

Pat Leary 0419 318 012

Meets at the Pittwater Community Centre
12 noon, First Wednesday of every month.

Montrose & Rosetta

Email: montroserosettanhw@gmail.com

New Norfolk

Irene Taylor-Smith 0402 485 552
Email: admin@nnnw.org.au

Visit our website 

New Town Community Association

Ralph Teirney 0447 782 264
Email: presidentntca7008@gmail.com


Leo Watkins 0413 474 915
Email: leoWatkins@internode.on.net

Old Beach

Malcolm McArthur 0447 004 498
Email: Malcolm.mcarthur@iinet.net.au


Ben and Heidi Hofler
Email: Otagonhw@outlook.com

Risdon Vale

Sarah O’Brien 03 6243 5752 or 0491 477 623
Email: manager@rvnc.org.au
Meets at Risdon Vale Neighbourhood House.


Tina Brown
Email: tina.brown1980@yahoo.com.au


Maureen Newman 0417 311 983
Email: lcnewman@netspace.net.au

Meets at St Thomas Church, Howrah.


Sarah Pienig
Email: Sarahpienig29@gmail.com

South Hobart

Uyen Le
Email: ule0101@gmail.com
Meets at Cascade Hotel

South Hobart Progress Association

David Halse Rogers
Email: dhalserogers@gmail.com
Meets at South Hobart Community Centre

Southern Beaches
(Postcode 7173

from Lewisham to Connellys Marsh)

Valerie Reid 0418 124 804
Email: southernbeachesnhwa@gmail.com

West Hobart

Paul Turvey 0402 277 545
Email: kittykruup@hotmail.com

Meets at Lawrenny Court, West Hobart.



Ms Pat Martin 0417 584 433
Email: csnhwtas@gmail.com

Meets at Somerset Fire Station.

Central Wynyard

Roxley Snare 0419 892 076
Email: roxsnare@bigpond.com.au

St Brigid’s School Community Hall, Wynyard.


Mike McLaren 03 6426 2777
Email: mikemclarenclaren@hotmail.com

Meets at Latrobe Municipal Chambers.

Western District Bush Watch

Melissa Bell
Email: WesternBushWatch@police.tas.gov.au

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