Local Neighbourhood Watch Groups

Find local group, make contact and come along. You’ll be very welcome.


Blackstone Heights

Graham Houghton 0418 430 739
Email: grahhoughton@gmail.com
Meets at Blackstone Christian Centre, 31 Neptune Drive, Blackstone Heights.

Devon Hills

Phill Canning 0407 138 689
Email: phill_canning@bigpond.com

Meets at Devon Hill Fire Station.


Keith Green 0417 991 443
Email: kwg4248@yahoo.com

Meets at Community Centre.

George Town

Wendy Pride 0408 389 686
Email: GTNeighbourhoodwatch@gmail.com

Gravelly Beach

Colin Bailey 03 6394 7703
Email: colin-bailey@bigpond.com


Andrew Spilling 0448 008 736
Email: andrew.spilling@utas.edu.au

Meets at Uniting Church Centre.

Kings Meadows/Youngtown (Southern Launceston Community Development)

David Jones

Email: dmjones@netspace.net.au
Meets at Kings Meadows Health Centre.


David Brown 0427 181 402
Email: gtkerrygt@yahoo.com.au

Meets at Senior Citizens Club.

Mole Creek

Brenda Walters 6363 1146

Email: whatthedickens@activ8.net.au

Meets at Mole Creek Hotel.

Mowbray Heights

Jill Strauss

Email: breely@bigpond.com

Newnham (Mayfield)

Malcolm Cash 03 6263 3571
Email: malann@bigpond.com

Meets at Northern Suburbs Community Centre.

Pipers River

Brian Baxter 03 6382 7171
Email: bbaxter@activ8.net.au

Meets at Pipers River Fire Station.


Sharon Leonard 0477 612 404
Email: Sharon.leonard10@gmail.com
Meets at SPNH 6 Prossers Forest Road, Ravenswood.


Peter Cuthbertson 0408 585 988
Email: phcuthbertson@hotmail.com cc pnorth@internode.on.net
Riverside High School.


Claremont Combined

Jan Dunsby 0419 328 469

Email: jandunsby@gmail.com

Dolphin Sands Ratepayers Association

Robyn Moore

Email: dsra.7190@gmail.com


Trish Tinkler 0456 162 522

Email: nhwgeeveston@gmail.com

Glebe Residents Association

Contact Person: Nicola Webb

Phone: 0400 701 754

Email: nicolawebb1@gmail.com

Goodwood Community Centre

Rachael French 03 6272 2560

Email: goodwood@bigpond.net.au


Wayne Burgess 0408 296 895 or 6229 6895
Email: wayneburgess2@bigpond.com

Meets at the Illawarra Primary School library.

Midway Point

Pat Leary 0419 318 012

Meets at the Pittwater Community Centre
12 noon, First Wednesday of every month.

New Norfolk

Irene Taylor-Smith 0402 485 552

Visit our website 


Cathy Parr 0417 158 116

Email: cathyparr@bigpond.com

Risdon Vale

Ann Harrison 03 6243 5752 or 0417 489 352
Email: manager@rvnc.org.au
Meets at Risdon Vale Neighbourhood House.


Maureen Newman 0417 311 983
Email: lcnewman@netspace.net.au

Meets at St Thomas Church, Howrah.

South Hobart

Uyen Le

Email: ule0101@gmail.com

Meets at Cascade Hotel

South Hobart Progress Association

David Halse Rogers

Email: admin@shpa-inc.org.au

Meets at South Hobart Community Centre

Southern Beaches
(Postcode 7173

from Lewisham to Connellys Marsh)

Valerie Reid 0418 124 804
Email: southernbeachesnhwa@gmail.com

West Hobart

Paul Turvey 0402 277 545
Email: kittykruup@hotmail.com

Meets at Lawrenny Court, West Hobart.

Westerway Bush Watch

Stefan Frazik 0409 881 427
Email: ssfrazik@outlook.com



Ms Pat Martin 0417 584 433

Email: csnhwtas@gmail.com

Meets at Somerset Fire Station.

Central Wynyard

Roxley Snare 0419 892 076
Email: roxsnare@bigpond.com.au

St Brigid’s School Community Hall, Wynyard.


Mike McLaren 03 6426 2777
Email: mikemclarenclaren@hotmail.com

Meets at Latrobe Municipal Chambers.

Western District Bush Watch

Melissa Bell
Email: WesternBushWatch@police.tas.gov.au