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Welcome to South Hobart Neighbourhod Watch

A warm welcome to South Hobart Neighbourhood Watch (SHNHW) that was officially registered on 1 March 21 with their coordinating hub at the Cascade Hotel – this must be a winner!

Although a series of car-fire crimes was the catalyst for a public meeting on 23 March 21, that event was a good example of NHW in action with the police. Full credit to the organisers because what transpired was:

  • A forum for victims to describe their experience and debrief to an understanding and supportive community.
  • An opportunity for impacted neighbours to get to know each other.
  • Tasmania Police providing more in-depth information about the incidents which helped to build awareness, canvass preventative measures for the future and minimise the fear of crime.
  • People being were more informed about the benefits of NHW in their community.
south hobart forum
south hobart crime reports

SHNHW complements the South Hobart Progress Association which continues to be a Neighbourhood Watch member and strong voice for the people of South Hobart.

Motor Vehicle Crimes

As a result of the spike in motor vehicle crimes in South Hobart earlier this year, this bulletin provides some general information about these crimes, specifically stealing motor vehicles and stealing property from motor vehicles. It is intended that by providing this information you will be in a better position to understand your personal risk and some simple things you can do to minimise the chance of becoming a victim.

The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) is an ongoing partnership between police and the insurance industry in Australia. Their positive news is that nationally car thefts are down 15% to approximately 50,000 (Lowest in last 20 years). However, it remains a sobering fact that one in every 120 Australian homes fall victim to car criminals each year. In the last financial year (2019/20) more than seven cars per day were illegally entered in Tasmania.

Seven out of ten cars are stolen with the keys. Minimise your chance of becoming a victim:

  • POP keys out of sight.
  • LOCK all doors and windows and make sure everyone in the family is doing the same.
  • STOP sneak theft.
  • Choose secure parking wherever possible.
  • Remove all property from open display.
  • A steering wheel lock can provide added deterrence.
  • Can you fit an alarm or immobiliser?
  • Know your neighbourhood and watch out for each other.

Scam Report

Tasmania police warn of a Taxation Office/Arrest Warrant Scam. Be wary when receiving cold calls claiming to be from organisations such as the police or the Australian Taxation Office. Scammers are deceiving their victims into depositing large amounts of cash or purchasing gift cards. They are also threatening victims with arrest by warrant for non-payment of fines or for committing other criminal acts. Recently some Tasmanians have been tricked into losing tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

Police advise that no genuine organisation will call you on the telephone and threaten you with arrest.

  • Never provide your identity to a person on the phone you don’t know.
  • Never send money or gift cards to someone you don’t know.

If you receive such a call the police advise to hang up immediately and report the matter online to Remember that smart phones have the capability to block numbers, if you don’t know how to do that, just ask a younger person – seriously!

Key Dates for 2021

  • 4 April Daylight Saving Ends
  • 25 April ANZAC Day
  • 28 April CWAC at Oakdowns
  • 21/22 May NHWA International Conference
  • 21 July CWAC at Howrah
  • 9 September RUOK Day
  • 6 October Coffee with a Cop Day
  • 20 November NHWT AGM

Neighbourhood Watch International Conference

Because many members cannot attend this conference on the Gold Coast, 21/22 May 21, there are two options to view it live in Tasmania:

  1. You can organise a hub venue for a group to gather over the two days for an online video link at a cost of $2,000, or
  2. You can register as an individual for a Virtual Full Conference at a cost of $175.

If you would like to organise a hub or progress a personal registration, please contact me at to discuss how NHWT can assist with financial support to make it happen. The program and speakers are exceptional and an event like this wont be repeated for some time.

Cuppa With a Cop (CWAC – not it is not a duck!)

We would like to thank Eden Noble for putting his degree in Graphic Design to good use for us in designing our poster for the Clarence CWACS in 2021 to celebrate our 35-year anniversary.

Make a note of the date and if you are anywhere near Rokeby at that time, please come and join us, you will be most welcome.  And feel free to bring a friend!

clarence CWAC poster



A special congratulations to our Western District Community Policing Officer and champion of Neighbourhood Watch, Emilie Dellar, on the recent birth of her son, Nixon! Very pleased for you Em!

emilie dellar and son
keith green and rosemary hewlett

Congratulations also to Rosemary Hewlett of Evandale, seen here being congratulated by Area Coordinator, Keith Green, at their recent AGM for her lengthy service as their Newsletter Coordinator. Well done Rosemary

Crime Stoppers

Recently Tasmania Police published a warning about counterfeit $50 and $100 banknotes with Chinese writing that had been tendered to North West Coast businesses.

As you can see from the photos, it would be easy to be deceived by these notes so people are advised to be particularly vigilant when receiving cash in these denominations.

Crime Stoppers is an important partner of Tasmania Police and Neighbourhood Watch. Our members are reminded that information can be reported anonymously to Crime Stoppers either by telephone on 1800 333 000 or online at:

View the Crime Stoppers Newsletters

List of Initiatives That Work!

Each month we have added to this list. In future Bulletins we will take one of these Initiatives and provide a bit more detail about how you could do it in your community. The first one this month is, how to start a Neighbourhood Watch Group which features immediately following this list.

  • Cuppa With a Cop
  • Dogs on Patrol
  • Wheelie Bin Speed Stickers
  • Street Signs
  • House Signs
  • Motor Vehicle Empty Stickers
  • No Cash Kept on Premises Stickers
  • House Numbering
  • Crime Reports
  • Newsletters
  • One Way Screws
  • Property Marking
  • Know Your Neighbour Card (KYN)
  • Emergency Services Contact Numbers Card
  • Holiday Crime Prevention Tips
  • Bush Watch
  • Defibrillator Projects
  • Random Acts of Kindness (ROK)
  • Lock It or Lose It
  • Get Online Week

Monthly Initiative – How to Start a Neighbourhood Watch Group

To start a NHW group requires some people who share similar concerns about crime, community safety or improving neighbour relations in their area. An email to will get things underway. We will work with interested people and the police to get community support for a NHW Group that wants to do something to make a difference. Some groups are traditional committees; some are co-branded with an existing club or association; whilst others are run by a Facebook Coordinator. There are many ways for NHW to function in communities.

For a NHW Group to be successful it will:

  • Involve the community.
  • Involve the police.
  • Have a way to share information widely.
  • Be respectful of the diversity in our communities.

NHW Coordinators can obtain official crime reports from the police on a regular basis to share with their community. This information can be used to improve awareness and do things to help reduce crime, minimise the fear of crime and help people get to know each other. As Board President I am here to help groups get started and provide ongoing support.

Honours and Awards

NHWT is always looking for opportunities to recognise the good work of our members. Information on the Tasmanian Community Awards can be found at These awards have been running since 2007 and are designed to recognise the valuable contributions made by individuals, communities and businesses to make Tasmania a better place. Nominations open on 14 June and close on 17 August 2021. You all know someone deserving of recognition so please consider submitting a nomination.

And in Conclusion

Easter is a great time for families to get away. More of us will be on the road this Easter, particularly because we may be reluctant to travel to the mainland. The SES are encouraging drivers to take a break to keep themselves and other road users safe. On Monday, Driver Reviver stations will be operating with SES volunteers at Parramatta Creek and Franklin River with free tea and coffee. Do yourself and your family a favour, stop and take a break so that you do not drive tired.

Please encourage all your members and friends to join NHWT online at as this is how you register as an individual member – it’s free!

And finally, if you have any feedback or contributions you would like to make to these Bulletins, please feel free to send them through to me at

peter edwards

Yours in Neighbourhood Watch

Peter Edwards, President

Good Neighbours Create Safer Communities

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