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Welcome to Rokeby Neighbourhood Watch

After some years in recess, Rokeby Neighbourhood Watch has restarted with the help of Tina Brown who has volunteered to take on the role of Coordinator, which she will manage through a NHW Facebook Page. Rokeby is situated in the centre of the Clarence Plains footprint, bounded by Howrah Gardens/Glebe Hill NHW to the west and Oakdowns NHW to the east.

Tina has lived in this area most of her life and so we are delighted to have a true local take on this extra service to the Rokeby community. As a NHW Coordinator, Tina will access crime trend reports from Tasmania Police and share alerts and crime prevention information for the benefit of people who live in her patch. A very warm welcome to Tina and the members of the Rokeby neighbourhood.

Tasmania Police Rating

Each year the Productivity Commission publishes a Report on Government Services. One sliver of data relates to the performance of the respective Australian Police organisations, as to how they are perceived by the people in their state or territory. The most recent tables reported by Tasmania Police show their favourable performance across nominated criteria, compared to the other Australian Police Departments, individually and collectively.

Those results are reproduced below from the Tasmania Police December 2021 Corporate Performance Report.

Public Safety at Home

South 92%, North 89%, West 91%, State 91%, National 89%

Public Safety – Out in Public Locally (Daytime)

South 95%, North 93%, West 94%, State 94%, National 91%

Public Safety – Out in Public (After Dark)

South 59%, North 57%, West 61%, State 59%, National 54%

Statements About Police

“I do have confidence in the police”

South 85%, North 82%, West 84%, State 84%, National 82%

“I think police perform their job professionally”

South 85%, North 82%, West 84%, State 84%, National 82%

“Most police are honest”

South 75%, North 74%, West 77%, State 75%, National 71%

“Police treat people fairly and equally”

South 75%, North 76%, West 80%, State 76%, National 68%

So, what does this data tell us? In a nutshell, the people of Tasmania have a greater sense of safety compared to the national average. It also tells us that Tasmanians have a higher regard for members of the Tasmania Police Service than is the case for the general population across the country. We have a lot to be grateful for living in Tasmania and Neighbourhood Watch is proud to support the efforts of our police service in improving the quality of life for all Tasmanians and minimising preventable crime.

Crime Trends

Each financial year Tasmania Police also publish a Crime Statistics Supplement to provide a high-level snapshot of major crime activity for the previous 12-month period. In 2021 (effectively our first full COVID-19 period) total offences reduced by 13% compared to the previous reporting period. Contributing to this fall in crime were reductions of 16% in Offences Against Property and 28% in Fraud and Similar Offences. On the downside it is sobering to see that during this same period, Offences Against the Person increased by 5.6% on the previous year and we could speculate that this may have been a consequence of COVID-19 impacts.

In relation to Stolen Motor Vehicles, these fell by 10% in 2020/21. Disappointingly, the recovery rate for Stolen Motor Vehicles decreased from 77% in the previous year to 74% in 2020/21. Motor vehicles were most frequently stolen from residential locations (52%) and in the street (25%). We also know from contemporary research that the majority of car thefts are made easy by the offenders getting access to the keys (left in the ignition or obvious locations within insecure homes and businesses etc).

31 March 22 was World Backup Day.

This was the day to better protect your devices and data – but you can do it any day you like – and as often as you like.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) implores all Australians to backup their most important documents and precious memories – and to encourage their family and friends to do the same.

A backup is a digital copy of your most important information. Copies of your files (such as photos, documents, and videos) are saved to an online server like the cloud. Backing up and having backups means you can restore your files if something goes wrong. It is a precautionary measure so that your data is accessible in case something happens to your computer. The ACSC says you should back up your files regularly.

ACSC has developed three Step-by-Step guides to help you learn how to back up the data on your personal computers, phones, or tablets to the cloud, or external hard drives.  These include:

If you want further information, it is all available for you on the ACSC website at

Recognition of NHWT Service

Nominations close on 30 June 22 for Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania Awards:
• Certificate of Appreciation
• President’s Certificate of Commendation
• Honorary Life Membership

Further information can be found at There is no official form to complete. An email to with information about the person will be sufficient to get the ball rolling. Please don’t put it off.

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia Journal

The April 2022 edition of the Neighbourhood Watch Australasia Journal was delayed because of mainland floods. However, I now have copies available. This magazine provides articles from across Australasia and is a great source of ideas and initiatives that have been successful in other places.

Bulk hard copies can be provided to Coordinators on request. Please share and distribute this magazine in your neighbourhood to help promote the value of Neighbourhood Watch. There are Tasmanian articles and photos in the magazine and draft contributions are always welcome.

Initiatives for Groups to Consider
Each bulletin we name some initiatives to help your thinking of what you could do for your neighbourhood. Feel free to contact me at any time if you would like further ideas or support to put a project together.
• House Signs
• Motor Vehicle Empty Stickers
• No Cash Kept on Premises Stickers
• House Numbering
• Crime Reports

Key Dates for 2022

8 June Thank a First Responder Day
8 September RUOK Day
5 October International Coffee with a Cop Day
November Neighbourhood Watch Week
19 November NHWT AGM at Country Club, Launceston

And in Conclusion

• The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being. Dalai Lama
• An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. M K Gandhi
• To plant a tree is to believe in tomorrow. Anonymous
• Encourage all your members and friends to join NHWT at no cost.

peter edwards

Yours in Neighbourhood Watch

Peter Edwards, President

Good Neighbours Create Safer Communities

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