You don’t even have to get your hands dirty! Download the Snap, Send, Solve from the App Store. After taking your first photo you will be a neighbourhood champion. Remember, there is a prize on offer at the end of the year for an active Snapper. Keep sending your before and after photos to me at to be in the running for the prize.

It is so easy with the Snap, Send Solve App. Download the app from the App Store. Just take a photo of what needs fixing, press send, and your job is done. Good for you, good for your community and good for NHW.

Send your before and after photos to to be in the running for our great annual prize, and add to my supply of photo examples for the coming months!

garbage dumped and cleaned up


Our Calendar Drawing competition has two more months to run before closing. Every member is asked to get at least one child to enter before the end of June 2024. Each winner and their family will be invited to attend our AGM and prize giving ceremony at the Country Club on Saturday, 19 October 24. The prize is $100, a NHW tote bag and a winners’ certificate.

Please use your contacts, newsletters and social media friends to promote the competition and assist in coordinating entries.


The latest edition of the NHWA Journal is now available for all members. Although you can read it online, hard copies are available – just ask your local coordinator for one. These magazines are full of initiatives that other groups in Australia and New Zealand have undertaken. In this edition there are articles about our 2023 Calendar winners from 2023 and what NHW has been doing in Dolphin Sands, Perth, Hobart, Glenorchy and more.


The dates for Neighbourhood Watch Week, in partnership with Bunnings Crime Prevention Week (The Week), have now been confirmed as 28 October to 3 November 24. If there is a Bunnings Warehouse in your area, they will be keen to support NHW activities during this week. Ask your Coordinator to explore options with the local Bunnings Activities Organiser, such as an information stand, raffle prizes, CWAC or sausage sizzle.


We are searching for a Face Book Coordinator to continue the good work done by Neighbourhood Watch New Norfolk. If you live in or near New Norfolk and would like to find out more about what this role entails – please contact our State Coordinator, Peter Edwards at: for a confidential discussion.


1. We help communities reduce crime, improve safety and neighbourhood relationships.
2. We legitimately share police crime and offence information.
3. We have state-wide networks for sharing that information.
4. We use our networks to increase community awareness of crime and security issues.
5. We share crime prevention and community safety information.
6. We use our networks to reduce the fear of crime.
7. Research shows NHW reduces crime by between 16 and 26 percent.
8. We run crime prevention campaigns in our communities, Such as Secure September!
9. We run community safety campaigns, Such as Wheelie Bin Speed Awareness Stickers.
10. We run neighbourliness campaigns including support for Snap, Send Solve.
11. We run police engagement events, Such as Cuppa with a Cop (CWACs)
12. We promote the correct use of emergency services and Crime Stoppers contacts.
13. We run a Calendar Drawing Competition to promote neighbourliness to children.
14. We provide communities with a mechanism to collectively identify crime and safety concerns and work with the police to develop and promote solutions.
15. We provide a reputable brand to help Tasmania Police engage with their communities.


Each year Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) members are asked to nominate people or organisations deserving of recognition by the State Board. Nominations are now being received for Honorary Life Member; The President’s Certificate of Commendation; or the NHW Certificate of Appreciation. Just send an email to with some details of the person or organisation you want to nominate before 30 June 24. More information can be found here.


12 June 24 Thank a First Responder Day.
26 June 24 11am CWAC at Burnie Plaza
11 July 24 10am CWAC at Prospect Vale Market Place
1-30 September 24 SAFE September
12 September 24 RUOK Day.
28-29 September 24 National Secure Your Home Day
14-20 October 24 Get Online Week
19 October 24 10am AGM, Awards & Prizes at Country Club, Launceston.
28 October – 3 November 24 NHW/Bunnings Crime Prevention Week.


Join NHWT online at it’s free!

Being positive is a way of life for me. Google ‘Paul Alexander’ – died at 78 years, the last man on earth in an iron lung.

peter edwards

Yours in Neighbourhood Watch
Peter Edwards, President
Good Neighbours Create Safer Communities

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